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Thread: Layla at Victoria Eden

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    Thumbs down Layla at Victoria Eden

    Tonight was the follow up. A waived agency fee evening with Layla. Cute girl opens the door. Big brown eyes, pleasant smile. Seemed to have somewhere else on her mind right away. Minimal small talk.

    Undressed to reveal, ackk, half filled hooties. Ok, ok, these are single moms, I get that. But we at least want ... oh well, what's the use...

    So the event was in two stages: a light massage and some kisses on the body (no DFK, no DATY) and then a CBJ. Average at best.

    Worst part? She is about to put the cover on junior when she snaps it against him. That HURT! She apologized and then tried to do the whole kissy massage thing over again.

    Yikes, not my weekend. Sticking with Classy Nikki from now on.

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    who is Classy Nikki ? and where

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    Geez no pleasin you budar. Only pays half price for a visit, gets massage, kissing + and still complains???? Was it the sad disappointed look on her face when you pulled out "junior" that put you in such a surly mood? hahahahahahaaha Funny she DFK'd me and my buddy when he was in town too. I will agree about the boobs but I found her 'services' to be better than ok (no fireworks but very good) and her shy quiet manner very cute....Oh and Selina is freakin hot by the way!!!!! I will also concur on Gina Lee (very good) and ya who is Classy Nikki...

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    me thinks budar is referring to Niki Classy Cougar whose ad is in the Monday Magazine paper...


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    Well no one likes a bad review but you have to take the good with the bad. Its really hard not to take it to heart when you cant please someone with the services you offer. It looks like the outside stresses of Selina's private life may have spilled temporarily into her professional work. Im sure we can all think of a day when we perhaps should not have come to work. Selina is one of those ladies who gentlemen request by name so it is a real shame that budar didnt have a chance to sample her true charm. I really feel for Layla in this one. She's a shy cutie that really aims to please and we put her into a situation that nothing short of perfection would have been acceptable. We truely hope budar is able to find what he needs out there. *Sigh*

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    Just in passing the Nikki mentioned is NOT the "classy cougar" from "Monday" she is however also listed in the ads something about , "candlelight, passion, romance", number is 658-6399.
    This Nikki is a mature blonde, bright, fun, personable - she is close to 40 but in great shape and definitely looking not a day over 33. She dresses well and is most accomodating, flexible and imaginative. Lovely boudoir and just all around great company. She would be like a more mature Jenn (also a fine experience, sigh). The usual YMMV, however make nice with Nikki and you will have a wonderful GF like experience. What goes around comes around eh? She's a B Cup, 34-24-34 don't recall any tat's, definitely no piercings. Just a sip of fine wine...

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    more Layla

    I will be the first to admit that ladies will have an off night. I think Layla felt some professional pressure to do correct what was wronged by Selina. She tried hard but there was no spark. It was like the pinch hitter coming in to drive home a run. It was her job, but there was no fun in it.

    Remember the part about the snapping condom. She just wasn;t on her "A" game. And that's fine. No worries.

    I won't be going back to Eden's, but for the rest of you out there - I am sure they won't dissappoint.

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    Budar, my good man, from you description, I think the lady tried her best. Remember, you are not her lover or her boyfriend. I don't like to rain on your parade, but maybe, just maybe, you didn't turn her on either. If you want a real GFE, get a real girl friend.

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    WHOA! The truth be spoken! (frank & to the point)...

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    Tough crowd here. I've yet to exp VE but will get around if I make it to Victoria again. I prefer Classy but will venture into new territory.

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    Bad Review Trend????

    Im not sure why you feel the need to attack us as I believe you have never used our services. Why this review has been dragged up is beyond me as well??? It is from June 1st and isnt indicative of a current trend for VE. Im not sure what the motivation is here but for those curious here is our Perb review history from June 1st on. See for yourself this 'trend'
    June 3 - Good Review Layla (still with VE)
    June 22 - good review Selina (not working anymore)
    July 1 - good review Pandora (still with VE)
    july 2 - good review Ginger (not with VE now)
    July 2 - bad review Kiara (not with VE now) but good review of VE
    July 10 - good review Shyanne (back with VE in Nov)
    July 19 - bad review Brea (back with VE Nov)
    July 26 - good review Lisa (still with VE)
    july 27 - good review Pandora (still with VE)
    Aug 12 - bad review of booking system for Van trip (changed system for trip in Sept)
    Aug 20 - Voted 2nd best agency on Maudes PERB Poll
    Aug 27 - good review Rachel (still with VE)
    Aug 29 - good review Lisa (still with VE)
    Sept 12 - bad review Holley (still with VE) IMHO this review is fishy
    Sept 15 - good review Lisa (still with VE)
    Sept 15 - good review Melody (still with VE)

    You know what? I do see a trend for VE! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to point it out.

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    Luscious, where is Brea? It says back in November along with Shyanne, are they doing something together? Just wondering about Brea though, is she on vacation or just taking a break?

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    Both ladies are just taking a break. I believe there are some vacations involved as well. We have asked for pictures in case its somewhere tropical!!!!

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    thanks for hooking me up with Melody...she was a special lady and provided pretty services...not a clock all


    Looking forward to sample other ladies from VE ....

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    Cool Let' not forget these too . . .

    Ref: TER


    Date Appearance Performance
    May 2003 8 - Really Hot 8 - Went the extra mile


    Date Appearance Performance
    Jul 2003 10 8 - Really Hot 8 - Went the extra mile
    Jul 2003 7 - Attractive 7 - Hot Time


    Date Appearance Performance
    Jul 2003 7 - Attractive 7 - Hot Time
    Jun 2003 8 - Really Hot 7 - Hot Time


    Date Appearance Performance
    Sep 2003 7 - Attractive 7 - Hot Time
    Jun 2003 9 - Model Material 7 - Hot Time
    Sep 2003 7 - Attractive 7 - Hot Time


    Date Appearance Performance
    Aug 2003 6 - Nice 6 - Nice Time
    Jul 2003 7 - Attractive 6 - Nice Time
    May 2003 6 - Nice 5 - Average


    Date Appearance Performance
    Sep 2003 7 - Attractive 4 - She just laid there


    Date Appearance Performance
    Jul 2003 7 - Attractive 6 - Nice Time
    Jun 2003 8 - Really Hot 7 - Hot Time
    Mar 2003 7 - Attractive 7 - Hot Time
    Mar 2003 8 - Really Hot 7 - Hot Time
    Feb 2003 8 - Really Hot 7 - Hot Time
    Dec 2002 7 - Attractive 7 - Hot Time
    Dec 2002 8 - Really Hot 9 - I forgot it was a service


    Date Appearance Performance
    Jun 2003 7 - Attractive 5 - Average

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