Last night was my first try at Victoria Eden. I called ahead to find out that Layla and Spanish Selina were the only two
'in house'. The lady asked me what I preferred and I suggested a true GFE would be nice, someone who is attentive
and knew what to do to please a man. She suggested Selina and off I went.

Arriving at the door I was greeted by a truly beautiful young lady. With long black hair and a gorgeous face, I thought I had hit the jackpot. I was wrong.

From the moment she came back in the room to the moment I faked a climax (can you believe that!?!) and left to go, she talked non stop. About her kid, about her poor life, on and on. It was comical to watch, if I wasn't paying for it.

While she gave the BJ she never missed a beat in her one way conversation. When we finally got to doggie style, she kept adding to the conversation even with her head pointing in the opposite direction!

And what's with those half filled balloon titties. Sorry to be mean, but the sight of breasts that just aren't there makes for a *deflating* moment .

Then she abruptly stopped all activity and lunged for the condom to make sure it was still on. It was fine but the moment was over. I said "oh good timing, I just came" and that was it.

To the agencies credit, they did reply to my email suggesting a 'waived house fee' visit with Layla on Saturday night. Wait till you see that review.