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Thread: Body slide?

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    Body slide?

    Okay I am a long time hobbyist, mostly with escorts. Although I have been to mp before. I am curious though what is a body slide? I get the gist of it but is it as great as people say? Are you both oiled up?

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    Body slides are my favorit, since its the best way to get a girl all over you. I find while getting a front to back body shampoo is great, front to front if my favorit, though not all girls do that, however there are a few, plus a girls front to your back can be good too, such as Kitts (best front to back ever). You definetly should check out a body slide, but the experience will depend on the girl though, but when you get one whos into it, theres simply nothing better.

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    Body slide can be veryhot. Had the chance to experience it with a couple of SPs.... one front to back and one front to front (Monique while at Fantasy).

    Amazing results

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    Someone once recommended [email protected] To Toe for her body slide.

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    Marie that used to be at sweedish touch was the best of all time at the bodyslide.

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