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Thread: Regent Health Spa

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    Regent Health Spa

    Anyone has any information on this one? Regent Health Spa located at Burnaby?

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    I went there once. The front lady looked like an overmake-upped corpse, the girl that came into the room had just eaten some nasty garlic-y smelling stuff and provided a weak massage followed by a hand job with the old head turn. She obviously hated doing what she did (and I'm not a big fat glutton). Anyways, the whole experience was very cold and rushed. I had a similar experience at Diamond down the road and Butterfly. I never do the Hastings MP thing any more.

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    diamond has hired a lot of new girls recently, most of which do anything but rush. If youd like to give one of them a try, Nina is great, always takes the entire time.

    She is european with an accent, slim, 34c, fair shik, chin length reddish brown hair. very cute, about 23 years old.

    she's in friday evening for sure, come by or give us a call.

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    What's a shik?

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    SP spelling.

    Perhaps nottydotty meant chic, I hope she didn't mean ***** - unless its a condom.

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    Fair Skin

    hey that was to easy, come on guys use the big head.

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    yes it was skin, fair skin, sorry guys, i was typing in a hurry

    thanx pacemaker

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