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    Question Advice for a newbie

    I'm contemplating an hour (or possibly 2) with an SP in Seattle. I found the sp on (I'm considering an incall experience). I'm completely new to this and I'd love any advice that any of your care to give, including protocol, do's/dont's, expectations I should/shouldn't have. Accept my apologies in advance if do not use the proper lingo here (feel free to educate me).

    My concerns are: 1) Any chance that I could walk away from this with an STD (I'm married and this would be a problem); 2)What are the limits of physical contact (kissing allowed? Would I be able to pleasure her orally (which I would like, but which obviously points back to concern #1), 3) Will this experience be pleasant (even lavish) or will it be clinical?

    Thank you!

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    Hello Newbie13

    There are lots of sites discussing the protocols of hiring an escort. Here is a link to one.

    Since you stated you were thinking of hiring an escort in seattle this board has lots of reviews from seattle hobbiests. Read some reviews and you will get a good idea of what services the different SPs provide. There are no guarantees in this business but if a SP has a reputation for being a high mileage provider and you are clean and polite chances are you will get the services you were hoping for.

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    All valid concerns. There are many factors that will determine whether or not your experience will be pleasurable.
    1) Are you sure you want to do this? Although you will never fully know until you get there, plunking down $200-$300 will NOT be a pleasant feeling if you have a Rainman style freak out two minutes after you get there and catch sight of a nipple.

    2)Different providers have different restrictions. This has been a hotly contested subject here many times. If you are concerned about an STD (who isn't, although participating in this hobby is an acceptance of a certain amount of risk) then be careful who you choose, check the review boards there for reputable well reviewed SP's. If you are stressed and tense you might just want a rub n tug at a local MP. Somewhat harmless from an STD stanpoint. If, however, you want the full experience (DFK, DATY, CBJ or BBBJ, FS) then find an SP that offers a GFE. Again, research is important and you can expect to pay $200-$300/hr.

    Above all, make sure you are ready to take the plunge first. If you think you'll confess to your wife 10 mins. after you get home then maybe you should stick to left-handed sex in the bathroom with a Swank magazine. However, if you think you're ready then good luck and be sure to post a review!

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    Thanks SirLick and Kehoe. I really appreciate your thoughts.

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    One more quick question ... if the sp's Web page says the donation is $300, will she also be expecting a tip or does the $300 cover "everything"?

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    It's usually all-inclusive of what she will do. Ask her in advance (nicely though because they'll probably chuck out your e-mail if you ask it & they deem it vulgarly).

    Out of sheer curiousity - who are you thinking of on that website?
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    Thanks ash. I'm thinking of Illanna.

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    All Inclusive Donation

    I've never used Seattle Impressions but with some agencies the donation only includes an hour of the girls time and extras require tipping while with others the donation is all inclusive. Perhaps there are some people on this board who are familiar with this agency. There are sure to be members on TRB that are familiar with this agency and could tell you if the donation is all inclusive.

    Illanna doesn't seem to have many review but she does have one on TRB and one on TER.

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