Hello lovely ladies and gentlemen.

I know self isolation can be lonely and boring, I would like to make it just a touch brighter if you’ll allow me. I am offering 20 minutes of free phone time once a night starting on the 30th until further notice. Phone calls will be 15 minutes casual talk and 5 sexy talk (if you are feeling it ).

If you ever wanted to know more about me now is the time, what am I taking in school, what is my civie job, hobbies, why am I a Sp, funniest sex story and more. Or perhaps you just want to talk and share what you are comfortable with? I am a good listener and fun fact I am trained in peer counselling through volunteer work.

Evening calls are best for me, only available to establish perb members (for my discretion) and I will require an hour or more notice please. Try to stay happy and healthy.