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Thread: Mods? Approval to list #'s and hndles addvertising during the COVID crisis?

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    Mods? Approval to list #'s and hndles addvertising during the COVID crisis?

    To clarify, those advertising in person services, cheers to those offering virtual serivces!
    (Mods, please feel free to edit title for clarity)

    This seems like a reasonable idea, but who knows what mods will think?

    What do others think?
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    I'd rather compile of list of users posting reviews still.

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    probably most useful to make a list of all the idiots running around with their shitty dogs and having picnics at the park. at least the girls are doing this for their survival

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    I don’t know what mods think, but I think one of them will delete this thread soon.

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    I hope all the guys who are making a big fuss over SPs working manage to not participate themselves until the Covid-19 issue is resolved. Otherwise they would be a bunch of self righteous hypocrites.

    With the experts saying 12-18 months until a vaccine will be available things will surely get interesting around here!

    A review board full of celibate pooners

    Some guys pay a lot of money to be in long term chastity. You all get the experience for free.

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    This is silly. It's an underground industry where no one is even using their real name. It's not McDonald's guys. Why not list the names and numbers of the local drug dealers still making drops while you're at it? SMH

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    Those providing services do not need to be identified per the listing as you suggest. Keep your own personal list.

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