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Thread: 🌸🌼Virtual Vivi, at your service!🌼🌸

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    🌸🌼Virtual Vivi, at your service!🌼🌸

    Who’s feeling stir-crazy? Restless? Libidinous? Absolutely caged!!!!

    Just me? I didn’t think so 😉

    I hear you, I feel you, and I am here for you.

    I’m offering a variety of services that just might help take that edge off. Contact me for more details and rates.

    *Sexy chats on the phone

    *Private live video shows

    *Personalized videos just for you

    *Custom photos

    *Texting packages

    *Check out my free Snapchat for tiny teasers! Vivivic40

    Get in “touch” with me, I’m a beautiful distraction while we navigate these strange times!

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    Some of you have been asking me if I’m still offering in-person dates at this time. Although I am so very flattered that you miss me, (you know I miss you too).... I personally don’t think its responsible for me to keep seeing clients while we are supposed to be social distancing. Even though I have been isolating for over two weeks, I have asthma, aging parents, and family members who work on the frontlines in health care, so I’m not willing to risk their health (or yours) for my profit. It has spread so fast in such a short time, I think the only truly effective precaution we can take is not doing in-person business at all. I realize that isn’t possible for some of us, and I would never judge anyone who continues to work to put food on their table, but since I am fortunate enough to have savings to get me through this difficult time, I will put my health and yours first, and see you when this is all over. In the meantime, catch me online!

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