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Thread: Wondering if anyone else has had this experience

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    Wondering if anyone else has had this experience

    Back in Feb I was in town for a Jets game and had a locally-based sp visit me in my hotel room afterwards. Then approximately 3 weeks later (after I was no longer in Wpg), she texted me asking if I could e-transfer her some money because she had a "medical emergency" (didn't specify what that was or what the funds were intended for). Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? Caught me off guard and thought it was pretty weird so I blocked her number

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    I've had that happen a couple of times in the past, both in the US. Each time I got an "I got my wallet stolen" email a day or two after seeing them. Needless to say I didn't assist them at all and that was the last time I heard from either.

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    Obviously trying to get some more cash out of you. Better mention the provider's name with the link here for everyone to be aware.

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    I think this is more common than we think....

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    Yeah, I'd like to know the name so I can avoid. I have only had an Sp initiate contact with me once, it was unsettling. Thankfully I was alone at the time. She was probably just trying to drum up business but still could have put me in a tough spot. She's been out of the business a couple years now.

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    It is pretty common. I experienced this in all provinces I have travelled through and the US. I guess depending on the relationship you have with that SP. I have blocked all except one cause they showed me their police report of being robbed.

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    I wasn't sure if I should post her ad on here or not, but since I've had a few of you ask:

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