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Thread: Black Gents

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    Black Gents

    I hope this is the right forum to place this in.
    But I wanted some feedback as to quite a number of ads on leolist and i am sure elsewhere , single out NO BLACK GENTS.
    Why are SP doing this?
    Is it a bad experience with black guys or a personal preference .
    I have heard horror stories from ladies who after you get to know them open up and share how hard or interesting the industry can be.
    IT RANGES From drunk guys,
    lowballing guys
    older guys who dont want to pay,
    and guys who cannot get it up and want a refund etc.
    and races who have a different idea of hygenie

    What is so special about listing out black gents that it must be placed in their ads. JUST CURIOUS on this one

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    Maybe do a search on the subject. Question has probably been asked about 500 times.

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    The subject has been discussed many times.

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