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Thread: Betty and Veronica's - Josie

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    Betty and Veronica's - Josie

    Went and paid Josie a visit at B&Vs. Setup over text was easy and I would recommend that you contact them ahead of time. I tried the drop-in approach a few weeks ago - no one was available and the "Open" sign was taken down. It's a small operation so you probably don't want to trust your luck that someone will be available if you swing by. This time I messaged about an hour ahead.

    The office itself is tiny and while there is a bathroom, there is no shower, or at least, I was not offered it's services. Unscented oil is available but personally I would not partake of FS without a shower though Josie made me think about it to say the least!

    She herself is great: cute 30-something, firm rear and beautiful breasts. Very nice, good conversation, friendly. She explained the extras available after starting the rubdown, I left very happy - would see her again, for sure.

    Overall, since there is a room fee, this reminded me of going to Broadways back in the day; you are paying a bit of a premium, albeit for less convenience since as I said, you want to book ahead of time. The FS price was also pretty high, not sure if it varies by the amount of time you book the room for, but it was 200 on top of the half hour room fee. If it was the same for a 60 min appt that's reasonable I think. I'd suggest that the operations out of Bridgewater/Osborne are slightly more bang for your buck (excluding FS which they don't offer), but its a marginal (<$20) difference overall.

    Not sure if they are operating right now with the virus going around, but Josie let me know they are planning to move to a location in St. B, hopefully the place is a bit bigger and has a shower.

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    How big/size of breasts?

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    Big C/Small D range.

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    What about her skills?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerd69 View Post
    What about her skills?
    Good cbj, she was into it. Massage to me felt nice, a bit less sensuous and playful than when I met Amanda in the Osborne crew.

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