Hello beloved Victoria friends and lovers

What strange times we suddenly find ourselves in! I hope everyone is holding up as well as possible, given the circumstances.

I miss you guys so much as always, and I thought what better way to stay in touch than through my super fun and sexy Premium Snapchat!
I'm posting lots of daily private pictures and videos, plus lots of other fun content. I'll even be taking requests
I'd also love you to snap me back with funny stuff or pictures of your pets to keep my spirits up!!!

One month of access is $60 and can be paid by etransfer, amazon egift card, or physical amazon card.

Snapchat is very easy to use. Just download the free app, make yourself a username, then come join me for the fun!!

More info in this tweet:

Let me know via email, text, or twitter message if you'd like to be a part of it
Hopefully we can keep each other feeling sane, and fun doing it!

Hope to see you there!