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Thread: Is Covid affecting Prices?

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    Is Covid affecting Prices?

    I have had a few gals contact me with prices reduced about 30%. Now I haven't seen these gals for about a year, but it was made clear that with Covid out there they are concerned about their safety and getting in touch with old clients they trust. Will I had dropped these gals a year ago for a reason, so wasn't going back, and wondered if the offer was real. But an observation is that many of the spas in Langley and White Rock are not that well stocked with ladies, and even leave the open light off. do they have staff and are trying to fool some authority, or have the gals freaked out about working?

    One gal in Langley told me that gals weren't willing to work, so there weren't any and thus prices would go up for those willing to take a chance. One theory. The other gal was concerned. No guys coming in. how will the bills be paid? What can I do for you. Tough times.

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    It doesn't seem like safety is the concern at all. Sounds like desperation, resorting to messaging former clients offering reduced rates?

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    Can't speak to your specific situations . But can tell you EVERYTHING is changing . Some women are altering their business model and pricing . Some are choosing to not work. Entire industries are shutting down. ie Restaurants, Hotels . Everything and everybody is effected in one way or another even if you don't have the virus.
    Not surprised to hear ladies reaching out. Had a couple myself hadn't seen in a very long time asking how I was doing and if OK. Suggetsted we get together . It was sweet and thoughtful . I'm more interested in Self Isolation right now or spending time with a loved one than visiting with a lady.

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    LL prices haven’t changed from what I can see. In fact I still see some girls charging 1000 for 2 hrs and 300-600 for an hr.

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    I’ve noticed girls I’ve seen more regularly reaching out and offering pretty big discounts as well... But I’ve also noticed some want to limit the number of visitors they have and are increasing rates dramatically and only wanting to see a limited number of dates...

    For me personally, I’m not at high risk at all, but there is so much that is unknown about the virus... It can last for days on some surfaces, and I can garuntee some of these places we are going haven’t been cleaned with disinfectant for years lol... Especially if it’s a condo building, you are touching door handles, elevator buttons, parking metres, there is just too many risks along the way.. And then your possibly visiting a girl, who hasn’t showered after her last visit and may have the virus on her persons...

    I think we all need to do our part and self isolate... I don’t want to get Covid 19, but mainly I don’t want to be the cause of the spread and someone ends up dead because of me..

    So hard as it is lol, I’m likely going to be taking a few weeks off til we know more...

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