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    Quote Originally Posted by Taigaaa View Post
    bumpity bump :-)

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    3rd photo can be found here when scrolling down

    4th photo can be found here (near the bottom)

    first second photo doesn't have any hits for me.

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    I would be surprised if those are real pictures.
    Their tactic is mix in highly photoshopped pictures along with completely fake ones. That's where they get you.

    Unfortunately, that's how many Asian Micros operate now.

    I sure hope I am wrong about this. Boa's pictures look good.

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    Yes. Those pics are of a Korean model/ring girl /DJ

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    @djjina_official [ID] | Instagram

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    Quote Originally Posted by monger View Post
    @djjina_official [ID] | Instagram
    Pics coming soon to a LFL site near you, lol.

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