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Thread: The Carnal Nerd Experience X Vancouver

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    The Carnal Nerd Experience X Vancouver

    Im a Canadian born, university educated Korean + Chinese young woman of many interests and talents.


    With a knack for obtaining new knowledge whenever I can, I'm naturally curious, instinctively attentive and effortlessly observant.
    I speak a few languages and always working on learning new ones. I am a DIY girl, who loves to discover how to replicate and build everything.
    I find joy in all learning through new people and places.


    Im employed in a nerdy technical field, my several years of education have always taken priority over world travel and exploration.
    Since graduation, I have had the luxury of more time dedicated to myself, exploring my personal desires, and hopefully traveling the world.
    Oh, and meeting men for naughty and dirty trysts.


    I am 55 110lbs, with naturally firm C breasts, shoulder length hair and darker brown features. I have a love for all activity outdoors, hiking and cycling.
    Im a foodie, a lover of both eating out and cooking, specially seafood. I'm 420 friendly but personally don't take part during dates. Lover of all wine.
    I am not overly athletic, but I certainly work out often.


    I'm open minded and sexual, I love being naughty and make men happy without inhibition. I'm game for PSE and lots of fun, with one or more men, and women.
    I'd like to work hard and play hard, and I know you do too!


    I offer only a single type of rendezvous, a two hour carnal tryst for $1000.
    I don't negotiate donations or promise services, but my endeavour is to make you as happy as possible subject to my comfort.
    I also offer night time sleep-overs for $4000 from time to time.
    I require deposits to best utilize my schedule, please contact me for details and options.


    I have an office job, and even at this time with the pandemic, I'm still required to keep the office hours for my job.
    I am available for booking in advance (at least one day prior), for evenings after 7pm, and occasional weekends (any time).


    By email @ [email protected]

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    I'll take booking for next week now, no more availability this week / weekend.

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    Have a good weekend!

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    Please note I'm not available last minute. At least a day ahead is a good idea!

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    My Sunday has suddenly freed up.

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    My office job will likely close and I will have day time availability. Please inquire now if interested in day time.

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    I now have daytime availability also!

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    I have availability this week.

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    I may have weekend availability this week.

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    No more availability until next week! Book in advance!

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