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Thread: Midget/dwarf/little person escort?

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    Midget/dwarf/little person escort?

    I know, I know. I'm a sick fuck. But does anyone know of any working dwarf SPs in Vancouver right now?

    Thank you in advance

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    No sicker than any of us...
    A decade or so ago there were two visiting escorts, identical twin dwarfs and good looking to boot. I'm still kicking myself for not giving them a go.
    A quick google search brings up a few escorts, Chloe Summers is 3'8 and in Ottawa. Maybe you can lure her out for a visit. She even shows a strap on in her pics if you want to up your sickness.
    There are others around, but none in BC as far as I know (not that I know)

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    There was another one that used to visit BC about 3 times a year. She stayed in a low end hotel downtown, but since I have always wanted to do a small person, I made an appointment. With her height and my leg length the BBBJ as my cock was right a mouth level with both of us standing. That was probably the best part of the encounter. She didn't seem to be into the sex and my hand would have given me more pleasure. I finished with another BBBJ and came all over her tits. Which were fairly spectacular. Have not seen her for the past 5 years or so here though.

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