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Thread: Pneumonia Vaccines

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    Pneumonia Vaccines

    This might be a good time for people to think about pneumonia vaccines, if they have not already had both of them (there are two available). This could help protect older and/or vulnerable people from bacterial pneumonia.

    Prevnar13 aka PCV13 about $125

    Pneumovax23 aka PPSV23 usually free

    They need to be done in a certain order with a time lag of 8 weeks to one year between them if you have had neither. Talk to your doctor or public health unit.

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    I had the Prevnar13 last year and Pneumovax23 this January. Came down with pneumonia last week and am at home recovering. Asked the doctor and he says that the vaccines don't work 100% of the time.

    Would mention that they also tested me for Covid-19 because in addition, I had just come back from Arizona through LA. I went by Delta/WestJet. Terminal 3 in LA was a shit show, crowded with lots of sick people. Oh, and I tested negative.

    Still better to get the vaccines, I think. Just my bad luck.

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