Are you planning a Holiday or Business Trip to southern Ontario around Toronto Ontario area?
If so I'm only an hours drive to Kitchener.
I have been with TERB since 2005 & have an excellent reputation. I'd suggest you go to my website or visit for all my information.

Please take note: In-calls in Kitchener Ontario only.
Sorry, I don't do out-calls. (40 & older, thanks)

:-( Well it's time to surrender to COVID 19 & take myself out of the loop, bummer!

I have been trying to continue to live my life through this media frenzy about the virus, but when they closed my community centre and churches and the store shelves got empty, I finally had to admit defeat and go hide in my closet. I am "socially distancing" myself for a week or two to see what comes next. Hopefully this craziness will pass quickly and the world can get back to work. I hope you will contact me again and we can enjoy a mutually pleasurable encounter!

"Click on the above photo to view my website"

I'm available 6 days a week for your ultimate enjoyment
From 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Don't hesitate to make contact!
It's time to see what you've been missing when you travel to Kitchener Ontario!

Come on over & I'll let yeah play with my crayons & chat to my fuzzy friends!

High on my agenda is to protect your privacy & a reasonable fee for my memorable services!
I'm very sincere when I say it's always a pleasure to have you feel comfortable & welcome during your visit!

Email: [email protected]
Secure Website:
Phone: 519-885-50** (email for last 2 digits)
Cell phone: 519-500-03**
(email for last 2 digits)
Incalls Kitchener Ontario , sorry I don't have outcalls available

:-) Are you planning a Business Trip to southern Ontario around Toronto Ontario area?