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Thread: *coronavirus scam heads-up*

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    *coronavirus scam heads-up*

    According to the Canadian Silent Majority There is a scam phone call with a very legit-sounding voicemail from a lady, saying: “Hello, this is Nurse Jen calling to follow up on your tests from yesterday. Unfortunately you DID test positive for coronavirus. No need to panic, but call us back with your credit card handy so we can overnight you your antibiotics. It’s important that you and any family or roommates STAY HOME. Call us so we can get you your meds and give you further quarantine instructions.”

    So be aware this bullshit is happening, in case any older or otherwise vulnerable relatives or friends get this call! Gahhhhh, people are the worst.
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    Antibiotics are totally useless also for a virus.

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    How does this scam work? We're testing almost nobody in BC...

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    Scammers will try anything. Fuck them, I hope their call center workers get infected.

    Speaking of scams:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kikoolol View Post
    How does this scam work? We're testing almost nobody in BC...
    How do people get tricked into thinking they owe CRA, and must buy iTunes card to avoid imprisonment?

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    Maybe they’ll fix my Windows Computer while their at it

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    Heard there is a new one one where they offer older people to run errands for them and take there money.

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    Check your closet..:)
    I heard eating GUMMY BEARS cure it.......
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