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Thread: Cute CBC attending UBC wants to play!

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    Cute CBC attending UBC wants to play!

    My name is Miko Sinz and I am a struggling full time student at UBC!
    I LOVE SEX so much, I could not wait to turn 19 so I could start doing this to help me afford to live here.
    It is so expensive!

    I am a petite 5'4" tall, with a very touchable, playful body built for pleasure

    I offer a TRUE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE with a limited number of restrictions

    Interested in sliding into my very cute, tight little bum? ( +$100) Size and comfort dependent

    Or you could just watch as I........

    Respectful gentlemen over the age of 30 please!

    A very nice downtown suite is available for us to play in!

    Due to my schooling, my schedule will be restricted to a few appointments per week!

    As an introduction and for a limited time I am offering 1 hour for $300 and 30 minutes for $200

    Please email me for my schedule at [email protected]

    Due to the recent increase in No Shows and very short notice cancellations, should you be guilty of either, a $200 honorarium will need to be paid before you have the pleasure of another appointment.

    I offer first class companionship at my discretion
    Miko Sinz

    Cute CBC at UBC

    A GFE Companion

    [email protected]

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    Can't wait to feel your touch!
    Miko Sinz

    Cute CBC at UBC

    A GFE Companion

    [email protected]

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