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Thread: Krystal Kleer Your Bikini Fitness Model

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    Krystal Kleer Your Bikini Fitness Model

    Have you ever gone to the gym, and you see THAT girl. The one who competes in fitness modeling. Tight, defined legs. Narrow waist. Defined shoulders. I've fantasized about that girl for a while, and finally got to meet her last night. I reached out to her by text, and she replied immediately. I had to undergo some reasonable screening. After a small deposit request, we had the time booked and I was off to meet her. Safe, clean incall. She answered the door in a dress that accentuated her curves. We chatted for a while, and then she seduced me. The dress came off to reveal a provocative red lingerie set. Gentlemen, her body is 100% as advertised. What the pics fail to show is perfect and smooth skin. I normally don't go into too much detail, but there's something I have to mention. The sight of her perfect bum, as she's on her knees, with her back arched, and her blonde hair cascading down her back will keep me happy for days. Best doggystyle I've had......ever?

    Treat her well, guys. Treat her well.

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    Does she have a link?

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