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Thread: My Winnipeg experience...

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    My Winnipeg experience...

    There seems to be no market for anything of anything in Winnipeg. There's very few strip clubs, massage parlours, anything sexually related.

    Now mind you, I wasn't here for anything sexually related. I was born in Winnipeg & came to Vancouver when I was four, so it was a homecoming of sorts for me.

    Winnipeg is a much friendlier place than Vancouver. Everyone I met & chatted with was ultra-helpful & very accomodating.

    The drinking age is 18.If you go to bars & clubs, you'll really notice the difference. It made me feel uncomfortable to hit up on the locals knowing that some of them are definitely out of my 1/2 my age plus 7 range. The liquor is very cheap though & same goes for cover charges. The surprising thing is that they have either free-standing or hand-held metal detectors. I felt like I was going into a prison when I walked in!

    As for the dangerous areas of town, I was told to avoid the north area of Winnipeg as it has a high concentration of SWs/drug abuse & such. Sounds just like Hastings & Main, but I'm pretty sure I passed by it & it's 10 times less dangerous than Vancouver is.

    You do need a car to get around though because Winnipeg is very spread out.

    However, all in all if you want to pick up a women/girl, it's much easier to pick up in Winnipeg than Vancouver...MUCH easier

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    Also, if you're looking for MPs, check out Canbest. I had a whole day to spend out in Winnipeg, so after I did the touristy stuff, I thought I'd check out the adult stuff. Canbest hasn't been updated for a while, but it has some recommendations:

    New Sensations aka 222 Sherbrooke. There's a girl named Lisa in the day that is from Chilliwack. Didn't get a good vibe from her, but they are open until 4 am.

    Nevada Relaxations (they're not accepting memberships for THREE months?). Supposedly at 793 Sargent, but it looked boarded up.

    Time Out Relaxation Spa, which looks nice, but the women weren't my type. Supposedly you only get up to a Russian & an HJ there. It's at 835 Ellice.

    610 Broadway is also around as well. It's in a dingy building with a friendly but older receptionist. She scared me off a bit because her teeth were quite blackened & she looked almost emaciated. It had the nicest people though & their personalities of the women were better than the three others as well.

    There's supposedly several strip clubs in Winnipeg, but I didn't get a chance to check any of them out.

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    I have visited a few strip clubs in Winnipeg. The ones I have visited are nice in that the places are not dark, the music are not loud, and the dancers are generally model material. I frequent Club Fantasy located at the Balmoral Motor Hotel. It's quiet in the afternoon, with one show every 30 minutes. The good looking dancers generally will not show up until evening. There are two nice clubs on McPhillips Avenue, but I do not remember the names.

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