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    Had an opportunity to spend time with Veronica today

    She’s with the bridgewater/Osborne group and definitely not a disappointment! Tall, blonde, cute and sweet with a Russian accent. Lots of fun and while I don’t usually opt for the massage, we had some time so she worked on my scalp, neck and shoulders. Needless to say I was doubly wobbly after that lol

    This group keeps doing a great job. My personal preference is still Emma and Quinn but Veronica was awesome

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    I am personally into taller women so seeing Veronica was an absolute treat for me. She is a natural beauty with long legs and amazing massage techniques that really helped my hurting back.
    The ending was a masterpiece as well. I will define repeat with this russian beauty!!!

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    No FS with them though right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZGMFX10A View Post
    No FS with them though right?
    Try reading the ad.

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