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Thread: Unable to view photos on Leo List

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    Unable to view photos on Leo List

    I used to be able to see photos on Leo List until Recently on my Andriod Smart phone. It is a US phone but is connecting to a Canadian Carrier (US carrier is Version) uasually tellus one other. It worked fine up until a few weeks ago. I tried using a vpn (orbot) but that did not help. Any ideas?

    Does anyone know of a Leo List ap?

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    I don't know about an app, but I do know if you connect through the States in any way that photos won't show up. I use a VPN, but make sure it's connected to a Vancouver server, and then the photos show up for me. Might be worth a shot! (I use PIA, though, I don't know if you can select a Canadian server through orbot...)

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    Download the Turbo VPN app and you can specifically select a Canadian connection that will allow you to view Leolist photos without issue.

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    Clear your history and cookies, then connect with a Canadian IP.

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