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    Christina Divine

    I was lucky enough to visit this sp way back when her rates were still pretty reasonable. In total Iíve visited her 3 times, and thatís rare for me. Easily one of my top 5 experiences all time and Iíve been all over the world. Extremely attractive face, nice body with the right amount of fat to make her super sexy sensual and feminine. Gives an amazing bbbj and can take a trip to Greece first class all the way. If you have the extra $$$ it would take to visit this girl I HIGHLY recommend trying her once in your life because she is truly top notch in every respect.

    B- 10
    S- 10
    A- 10

    the cost is really going to set you back, but imo one extra expensive encounter is worth ten reasonably priced average sessions.

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    Totally agree, she’s a great.

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    I’ve seen Christina several times. She is gorgeous, absolutely. But for the donation involved, there are many (better) options. Obviously, it’s a personal choice who to give your hard earned dollars to, but I can visit 3 elite providers for every 2 visits with Christina!

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