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    Tiffany birks

    I have had two separate sessions with Tiffany and both were good.
    She’s a slightly more mature SP but she does take fantastic care of herself and she has the skin of a much younger lady. Her physical fitness is impressive and she’s in better shape than a lot of the mid twenty girls that visit. Her butt is particularly nice and round. What sets Tiffany apart is her personality and service . She’s very warm and open, very natural and easy to talk to. She is genuinely interested to meet you and you can tell she is in the industry for the right reasons. A bonus is her pretty French accent.

    Her menu is fairly elaborate and she’s very eager and willing to please.

    Tiffany is the perfect choice for those looking to have a real milf experience, or bosses wife etc. Meeting her was akin to meeting with someone who doesn’t feel like a stranger, but like an old time fuck buddy sharing a long overdue rendezvous.
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