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    Katie now show

    I felt bored this whole week so I started looking for the girl on leolist, then I saw this katie. Her photos looks pretty and I started to text with this girl on Tuesday. However I got so busy later on so our deal was to make out on Sunday. Saturday night, I started to text her and her reply was always late. But we finally made a deal at 10AM, Sunday. Sunday I woke up earlier and get ready to meet her, by the time I arrived hotel, she told me she only accept etransfer, but no cash and I started to feel sceptical because most of the girls are rather getting cash than emt. I sent her the emt for half an hour, she received it and started to ask me for the password. I realized this girl might be a scam, but still sent her $10 for hard working and trying to scam me(she actually told me as long as I sent her $5, she would come to downstairs and meet me). I waited half an hour for her to show up, she AWOLed. After I came back, she was still trying to get the password of that emt, but the money returned to me because she tried so many times incorrect password.
    Either way, I just want to use my experience to tell people don’t trust this Katie, she’s a scam.
    PS: this is her link, you guys can visit:

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