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Thread: Tattooed Provider

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    Tattooed Provider

    Looking for recommendations for a provider that is heavily tattooed. Pierced as well is a bonus.

    Thanks in advance

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    I really enjoy seeing Devlin Black. Very PSE.

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    Alisa mira Milano

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    No one compares to Nyx Nightly! Pocket sized with great bolt-ons and the nicest ass money can buy!!

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    i have to agree quite the small little package

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    Nyx Nightly is a total waste. She gave me the worst BJ I have literally ever had. She doesn’t want to be in this business and it clearly shows.

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    Booth - have you checked out Haley? A lot of pooners give her two thumbs up - there are many reviews.

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    Long time Vancouver Island hobbyist but 1st time poster here so please don't flame me to death as a shill. If you're looking for a heavily tattooed lady I can recommend Kandi Lane on LL (1666). I've seen her twice and can say she has treated this old dude very well. She has very large enhanced breasts but they feel quite natural. Very responsive to daty. Overall she was just a sweetheart to me.

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    heavily tattooed lets not forget Lalani Electrica

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    Yes....Lalani....saw her week ago.....oboy....will repeat for sure.

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