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Thread: Yuki @ Honeybb604

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    Yuki @ Honeybb604

    Any one see the new girl Yuki at honeybb604 yet?

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    bumping this thread because I'm also interested.

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    TOFTT this past weekend.

    She's almost exactly what you can see from the photos - looks to be early 30's with perky A's on the smaller side, 5'5 frame and no visible tattoos. Not much of an ass, and she doesn't work out at all for those of you who like the sportier look, but she takes good enough care of her skin and intake that she'd convincingly appear in her 20's to many. Speaks decent English and is very vocal during the deed. Service is good, but she definitely has a routine - she's one of the first K-girls I've seen that asked for DATY. However, I'm a sucker for good post-coital cuddling and she seemed impersonal enough after I finished that I lost any sort of connection during our session to want that. Should've expected that from the beginning as she asked for the donation as I arrived and stepped out of the room right afterwards, presumably to count, before coming back to start the shower.

    She just got in recently from LA, and she's planning to stay in Vancity for about two months. Hope I covered all the bases for everyone.

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    Her face is blurred in the photos, what would you rate it?

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    Lol A's??? They look C from the pics...

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