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Thread: Aurora @ Sweet VIPs

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    Cool Aurora @ Sweet VIPs

    After salivating over her pictures and description for ages, I decided to treat myself for a Valentine's Day tryst with Aurora at VIPs.

    What a lovely young lady! Her pretty face, silky soft skin and slim grace captivated me from the moment she opened the door and greeted me with a kiss.
    As requested she wore a short dress (red for Valentine's Day) which showed off her slim legs and firm derriere.
    As advertised, she is indeed a squirter and I must say we left the bed rather a mess! The hour went past quickly.

    If a slender and lovely young lady with perfect skin who demonstrates graphically that she's enjoying your company seems like your idea of a good time...
    You'd better check the schedule. She's only there a few days every 2nd. week.

    Best Valentine's Day I've had in years!!!
    Better to remain silent...

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    What Colour is her hair? the pictures show Brunette, but the text says Blonde.

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