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Thread: Amber at Diamonds

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    Amber at Diamonds

    Just got back from my first visit to Diamonds. Not exactly what in pictured but they did not disappoint. Looked at their book of girls available, Amber was the first one and i knew it had to be her. Went through the book anyway but came back to Amber.
    She is gorgeous, fair skin (which I love). Nice fit body.
    Was a little nervous being my first time there but regardless to say i was done in a lot shorter time then normal. I did not try LFK and know its always YMMV but was wondering if anyone who has seen her knows if she is ok with it.

    Amber is a amazing, will repeat and try their Jacuzzi room next time.

    Only thing was their rates seem to have gone up. Was told $160 for an hr on the board here but was quoted $200 and $150 for 45mins.
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    Jack - were you quoted those fees PLUS the room fee? They usually have a room fee for 30 min, 45 min and hour and the ladies expect a tip above that. Not sure if you that is the total amount you paid or did you pay a room fee first?
    Some of the attendants used to like to upsell services but when Jackie was there she liked to have all attendants have a set tip! Miss her!

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    Hour jacuzzi is $80 to the house, $160 to the provider.

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