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    Does anyone have info on Maria?

    She has a link on her ad to her profile where her name is milaya/Julia.. not sure if having a profile is a positive indicator these days.

    Pics turn up negative on GIS except for one of the pics linked to expired ads in BC/QC which may explain the BC area code in her current ad and her QC area code in her profile.

    Any info is appreciated!

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    Her LL account page: She's 5' 0", 21 yo, 135 lbs in Wpg

    A search on that # (613 519 9289) takes us here: "tayna" is her name, she is now 5'2", 22 yo, 140 lbs

    A search on those (different) pictures takes us here: Now "Sassy", new #s too: 613-909-1160 or 613-519-9289. She is "outcall only" now ( a red flag).

    Too many different names and phone#s to make me comfortable. Could be one of these identities is the unnamed duo partner, just don't know.

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    Thanks! Trying not to think with the other head. Better safe than sorry.

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