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Thread: Kendra 3900 from Toronto

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    Kendra 3900 from Toronto

    Kendra 3900 from Toronto... thousands of views on ad, anyone seen her? Pics are verified and she's in the directory.

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    Also wondering about her

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    I'm partial to blondes so I was very tempted to see her after seeing her ad. I've been trying to find a replacement for Tatiana White who has retired, but boy was this experience far from what Tatiana provided. Kendra is the girl in the pics and she is hot but that's pretty much the only good thing. Booked hh with her for $200 and asked what her restrictions are. She replied "no bbfs everything else is ok". I get to her incall downtown, settle the donation and ask for the bathroom. She shows me where it is and said there are baby wipes (first strike). I showered before going so I thought no maybe big deal. I get back to the room and the bed is a tiny single mattress. I lay down and she proceeds to put a condom on junior which wasn't even hard yet (second strike). After about a minute she goes on top for CG, with her hand holding the base on the condom so it was hard to get it all in. That last about 30 seconds before she asked if I wanted to do her doggy. At this point it was pretty safe to say she doesn't allow kissing so that's strike three for me. After pounding away for about a minute she said the inevitable "come for me baby" which is the biggest boner killer, so to at least recover some of my losses at this point, I asked her to lie on her back as well as go into a spooning position. The bed is so awkwardly soft that neither position felt good, so I ended up standing on the side of the bed with her on her back. I finished within 20 minutes, wiped my dick down with the baby wipes and got back to my car with plenty of time left in the metre.

    Tldr; I don't recommend unless you want to pay to just bang a hot blonde chick. Her price point just isn't worth it. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she is the stereotypical hot girl from out east that overpromises her services and underdelivers the moment you pay her. My search for the next Tatiana White continues.

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    Thanks very much - just saved me a lot of annoyance.

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    pro tip, from the east? they'll lie about service

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    Thank you so much. The ad was a bit sketchy but you never know. I've seen some pretty good providers before with limited info like this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inf0 View Post
    pro tip, from the east? they'll lie about service
    Not always the case but I agree it's a big gamble. I'd say 50% of the time I see a provider from out east it's been very good. Adisson Richards for example delivered on every level. High risk high return I guess.

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