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Thread: Claudia of Stephanie’s is Quality SP

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    Claudia of Stephanie’s is Quality SP

    A couple of hours after my tryst with Navada, I was tempted to try a girl from Stephanie’s, the new agency. Claudia was available and her pics (although face covered) are attractive.

    Claudia is petite, in rock-solid shape, great skin tone, beautiful dark complexion with full full lips. She has short black hair (shorter than her pics) and dark eyes. She has a fairly deep but soft voice, and a gentle way about her. She was most accommodating. It’s evident she likes her job!

    On a night with just her (not following Navada), Claudia might have really stood out. Unfortunately, Navada was still too much on my mind, and the comparisons were striking.

    Performance/Attitude 7.4, Looks 7.8, Performance 7.0, Overall 7.4—which is still slightly above average for the SPs I have experienced.

    Claudia is a quality SP and would have stood out if she had not so closely followed SP Star Navada. Sorry Claudia—bad timing on my part.

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    Re: Claudia of Stephanie’s is Quality SP

    Originally posted by TanMan
    A couple of hours after my tryst with Navada
    You're a machine!

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    You say he is a machine. I think that is the best to get a couple in one day. One time I had four in three days. It is best if you know and have seen them already. It is exciting getting some strange. Half the excitment is seeing a new girl get naked for you.

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    I tried Claudia--she was great, but her hair was much shorter than her pics. TanMan, are you sure Claudia's pics at Stephanie's are the real Claudia?

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    Claudia's pics were quite attractive, but I can no longer access Stephanie's Escorts web site. Does anyone have any contact information on Claudia? Thanks.

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    What is the web address??

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