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Thread: Looking for Tgirl recommendation in Vancouver

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    Looking for Tgirl recommendation in Vancouver


    I am a 22 year old male looking for my first time with a Tgirl.
    I messaged couple of them (Kimberley, Arika, Veronica & Pamela) but no one has responded yet. Do you know what might be the reason?
    Anyways looking for recommendation in downtown area.


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    Freya is very good I here
    Nancy has good reviews
    Tiffiny , I think she’s a CD tho
    Bella is beautiful
    Roxanne half service is good

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    Nancy is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.
    7782238664. Nice person and pretty amazing physique.

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    My top recommendation goes to Freya. Then Isabel Elektra (now Forent), Bella, then Nancy. Nancy is not the looker she used to be though, and looks quite housewifey at times. She is however a nice person. Bella is super hot, but cool and disinterested. Freya to me is the best, but to each their own, especially for those with TS proclivity. I need my TS to look like a woman, very feminine. Any masculinity, except for a penis, and I my dick goes limp.

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