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Thread: Fay @ Diamonds

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    Fay @ Diamonds

    not a regular at diamonds but after spending a few sessions with Fay I will be. Tall, statuesque and sultry....great ass, great lips, great conversation, great everything. Fay is truly skilled, something new every time. Always left wanting more. Will definitely see her again.

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    Yes, I've seen Faye there (I think she used to be at EB/TO) and she is lots of fun!

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    I've seen fey, very quite at first, but than once she warms up to you she can talk her heart away. Body sliding, COF, cute ass plugs are pretty fun, also has other toys to play with....... she knows what shes doing and a very clean neat young lady with so many hidden talents, will be seeing her again I'd suggest you guys to come check her out @diamonds....HINT an hour wasnt enough with her little hands, she can massage parts that others wont even touch very satisfying.

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