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Thread: Judy 6208 - legit or scam?

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    Judy 6208 - legit or scam?

    looks hot, photos check out. Txd'd rates were lower than quoted on ad and its written in poor english. Wondering if its a setup by someone to entice pooners and then jump them for the cash... anyone seen her to verify if she's legit and its safe?

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    Not legit.

    An quick search indicates she's advertised the same photos (with varying language) under different names in Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, Maple Ridge... Could just reflect her outcall range, but that wouldn't account for her using different names. And then there's the poor English, which is obviously just weird. Could be Eastern European or something, but unlikely. Judging by the lighting in her photos, her rates, and her ad in general, I wouldn't have high expectations for her appearance, even if it were legit.

    I wouldn't say she's necessarily a "scam" per se, as I can think of a handful of different scenarios that might apply to this situation, however not many of them are good. This is why I suggest "Not Legit".

    I'd pass.

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    How hard is it to get the verified status on LL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rozen30 View Post
    How hard is it to get the verified status on LL?
    You'd have to ask an advertiser, or maybe contact LL mgmt posing as a potential advertiser and ask them what's required, then figure out how you could beat the system. Where there's a will, there's a way.

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    Shes doesnt like black jets.. Red Flag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kappa123 View Post
    Shes doesnt like black jets.. Red Flag
    The language is pretty amusing.
    "NoNo discout forfor perper session"

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    I am sorry to say gentleman but even girls with varified adds are obviously careful! If you want a real SP with exceptional service you could always come see me. ����

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