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Thread: Eden @ BOA

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    Eden @ BOA

    Hey guys was thinking about going to BOA today. Anyone have any info on Eden?

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    Great from reviews based on what I’ve seen
    If anyone is interested in mmf with any particular lady here at BOA
    PM ME

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    Eden is awesome. Into the session like she is your lover and no one else. A natural beauty. Many repeats. And into some kink if you like that.

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    Excellent. Thanks. I'm gonna book an appointment.

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    Eden is the best beautiful, into the session more than anyone i have ever been with and also into some of the more kinky fun.

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    What is BOA? Where is it ?

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    Black orchid agency google it for details

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wertyuiop View Post
    What is BOA? Where is it ?

    Black Orchid Agency website is here:

    Direct link to Eden on BOA site is here:

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