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    Thumbs up Nadya 8504

    I was lucky enough to see Nadya twice while she was visiting Kelowna.*

    She is incredibly*beautiful and her pictures do not do her justice. The booking process was extremely simple and both times she was ready when I arrived.
    When I arrived there was light conversation before a quick shower and then to the bed.* Her enthusiasm was only matched by her skills.*

    If she offered Greek she would be perfect and any straight man would contemplate getting down on one knee :P

    I would highly recommend and will definitely see her again.

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    Can anyone confirm the above ?

    I appreciate the review especially on someone I have been interested in seeing. When someone is as new to the forum as you are I just like to see a confirmation or another review. No disrespect.

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    She is well reviewed in YVR forum.

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    Seen her many times in Vancouver. Used to be smoking hot back in 2017 with a tight body and amazing tits and ass. Gained a bit of weight recently so her tummy and waist is not as tight, however still very pretty face and amazing ass. I’ve always had enjoyable experience with her.

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