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Thread: Jade 7877 -- Holy hell, Batman!

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    Jade 7877 -- Holy hell, Batman!

    Someone please tell me they have some info on Jade. She is smokin'!

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    Also wondering, anyone?

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    I am going to TOFTT on Monday. Feedback from anyone who beats me to it would be great!

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    All safe NON gfe - no thanks! I’m out.

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    Does she actually look like that?

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    Has anybody seen her yet?
    any review would be much appreciated

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    Could someone braver than me please toftt???You'd be a hero!

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    TOFTT boys. She’s good looking don’t get me wrong but wouldn’t recommend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Averagedaddy View Post
    TOFTT boys. She’s good looking don’t get me wrong but wouldn’t recommend
    Are the pics real??

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    Why wouldn't you recommend?

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    Maybe lack of good services for the price. Some of the hottest sp
    Often not offer the best services. I’m just saying... I might be wrong !
    Only one way to find out !!

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    Wow though her pics are some of the hottest I have seen since I moved here. She’s exactly the body type I love. I booked her for tonight after work, so will make a review on her. If anyone has already please review her as I am sometimes hesitant to be the first to toftt.. I will give feedback

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    Anyone have a review on her?
    pictures look so good

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    She has been reviewed now. You can find it on this site.
    Doesn’t look very promising!!

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    Here is the link to the review of my session with Jade. I been getting a lot of pm’s about her face and body.
    Her face is a 8/10 and body 9.9/10 which I forgot to mention. I noticed there was another review on her so I guess she is ymmv.

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