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Thread: Korean Yumi

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    Korean Yumi

    She’s in town. Check her out. She’s good. Really good .��

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    I found her mechanical and too follow the script style

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    I agree with PL. Good but just follows a script.

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    I saw her several times and she is fantastic! Very sexy, tight body, super clean, great attitude and friendly. Yes she does have a routine, but she is open to what you like, not mechanical at all! Very GFE, and great DFK initiated. BBJ is the best in town, she probably spent over 10min on BBJ, Russian, foot fetish. Great BBJ in shower. Make sure you are clean, well groomed and respectful.

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    We all have different tastes and it’s great if somebody had a great time with her. I have to agree with two previous comments. She follows this typical routine that seems to be standard among Korean sps. After seeing 2 or 3 it becomes quite annoying. I did not get bbbj in shower, next I followed her sequence as requested. Overall, there was not really any sensuality in all that. Regarding bbbj, I don’t see how it can be considered the best in town given that we
    have some much talent in vips, su etc. I did not find anything superior in her bbbj. I have to admit though that she does look very good.

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    Mechanical and follows the script... but that script has her doing some light rimming and bj from behind while you're on your stomach... that script is amazing... maybe not oscar but golden globe for sure.

    Yumi has my <3

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    I can't argue with those who say her routine is scripted. But what a script!
    I don't need to describe her body, her attitude, or service. It has all been said already. And she has a great sense of humour as well.
    I've seen her a number times now and would see her more any chance I get. Maybe it's chemistry, maybe my imagination, but yeah, Yumi is reaching towards the top of the ATF list here.

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