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Thread: Richmond RCMP release photo of man accused of assaults against sex workers....

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    Richmond RCMP release photo of man accused of assaults against sex workers....

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    I'm honestly shocked that this man would commit such heinous crimes. He doesn't seem the type.

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    He looks like Zoidberg from Futurama

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    The video on the link says they are releasing a man (after 15yrs) that kidnapped and sexually assaulted an ELEVEN year old girl. I hate to be the violent person on the forum but why don’t they just bury these people yet?

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    Appeal from Richmond RCMP

    In the past month the BCCEC have been meeting with the Richmond RCMP in regard to the ID Checking practice which many have found to be disruptive and dangerous for the confidentiality of sex workers and clients alike.

    These discussions are ongoing and have demonstrated that we actually have goals in common, can work to prevent the disruptions of the past and ensure that best practices are employed during interactions with our community.

    We will continue to update people about this work.

    Currently the Richmond RCMP are working on this case. He is a dangerous sex offender and during our meetings they appealed to us to reach out to the community in search of other potential victims or witnesses.

    On December 17, 2019 – the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, the BC Prosecution Service approved 14 charges against 49-year-old Satvir Singh Sanghera of Richmond, BC.

    These charges include: sexual assault, administering a noxious substance, assault, theft, fraud, obtaining sexual services for consideration, transmitting intimate images of a person without consent and possession of child pornography.

    The current charges are related to incidents which are largely historical in nature.

    The Richmond RCMP are asking everyone to search any stored information they have about bad clients and to examine the photo carefully. Any information is useful. The goal is to prove a pattern of behavior on the part of Satvir Sanghera and to further strengthen the case against him.

    If you are unsure if it is the same person or if you are uncomfortable contacting police, please reach out to me here via pm or the BCCEC blog with any information you have. Even the smallest details can be helpful to hold criminals like this accountable.

    Richmond RCMP has also set up a TIPSLINE to accept information.

    The number is 604-207-5185. File # 2018-26315

    love susie

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    Thank you Susie
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