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Thread: Valarie review

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    Valarie review

    I'm sure a lot of you know all about her as she is one of the best sp that come to Winnipeg on a regular basis. This time was no different and I just wanted to give her the praise she deserves.

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    I have to second this review. I met Val for the first time this Thursday, cute and petite with big boobs, good service with bubbly personality, after I am done, we talked a lot. not sure I waited that long to see her. LOL, it was fun to meet her, will repeat!

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    I will attest to this review. I don't frequent visiting ladies but she was on my radar for a while. I wasn't disappointed.

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    She has been good for many years.
    Before leaving the province, I have seen and reviewed her couple years ago.
    She has been planning to retire for atleast 2 years, but I think it’s not easy to leave this kind of $!

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