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Thread: When you crave a woman with a streak of Harlot surging in her depths!

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    When you crave a woman with a streak of Harlot surging in her depths!

    I am exactly that type of scarlet harlot, a brazen hooker with a brain!

    Both celebrating this beautiful white bliss, and shaking off being home bound. I am eager to get back.

    I have limited sessions daily.



    ~STAY tuned for new and exciting ventures. New sexy play mates, both male and female, and a new swanky play ground. This menu will be a fusion of all things naked and sweaty. A mesh of my rebranded ex name and my new venture!
    (If you need to know my previous SP name, feel free to ask ME...not someone who has nefarious intent for outing ones privacy. As always privacy is paramount to me)

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    Today's celebration? Finally having my ESCORT LICENCE in hand ~ no easy task. The new studio is completely zoned, so no regulatory standards are being broken!

    The batcave will be quiet today, as I will be painting the walls and myself happy in the new space! I am thrilled by this new and extremely salacious venture.

    Mayhem ~ your chubby, cheeky, sexual maven!


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    As much fun as it would be to spend my days in the company of naked strangers, occasionally I have to get myself to work! I will be available Tuesday, Friday & early Saturday morning. My next availability won’t be until February 28th.

    For shits and giggles I will be running the Hypothermic Half this weekend. Thank you to everyone for the support, especially the gent who sent the running shoes. If anything, I look prepared.

    Mayhem �� your chubby cheeky sexual Maven!


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