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Thread: Do spelling and grammar affect your decision to see a SP?

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    Absolutely! It shows attention to detail and the ability to focus!
    I hate auto correct but please proof read!!

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    For me, spelling and grammar is something that I notice... but its more about context of the message. Im not an English major myself and am prone to mistakes so who am I to judge? And I agree with Miss Hunter, it can be tricky to proofread your own writing. And if you are typing on a phone, it can be so easy for a typo to slip through.

    That being said too many typos can be foreshadowing of things to come.

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    I think the way an ad is written speaks volumes about an SP's personality, service and attention to detail.

    A well written ad that conveys intelligence and control is such a huge turn on. In many ways, even more than photos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukom View Post
    It honestly varies. I find it more frustrating when some SP'a flood their ad with paragraphs of details that aren't relevant to their rates, services, restrictions, location info, and so on than minor grammar mistakes.

    An example of a horrible ad that offers no important info:

    My HoT & Hungry ~ Lovely Lonely Lil Kitty Needzzz Special Attention

    She Needzzzzz Massaging Too...

    M E O W W

    Yeah SHE Does....

    Who Is She You ask... ?

    "She Is My Best Friend" I Said...

    My Lil K_ _ T Y..

    She Can Be Shy ?.

    BUT She can Also be Coaxed Out To Plaay

    She is so CLEAN and Well-Groomed...

    She is Fresh-smelling and

    Ohhh Sooo Sweet Tas ting...

    Yup My Lil K- - ty Is So S weet Tas t'ng...

    She Tastezzz Just Like Candy....

    SHE Is H O T and HUNGRY ...

    She is Ohhhh Soo Hot

    that She's Dr' ping W'het H T

    Yes My Best Friend Is

    Drippng W'he H OT.

    She is in GREAT Shape and

    L uvvvs To Exercise...

    My Lil K _ _ T _ Y

    Needzzz a Good Workout...

    My Best Friend Luvs to Tease


    She Luvs To Be Teased Even More ...

    But My Lil Kitty Izzz Sooooo

    L ownely, She Has No one to Plaeh with..

    Ohhhh She Is Ohhhh Soooo

    L ownely... :-(

    She Needzzzzz Someone To Cu out and Pla

    But my Lil K i t - y

    Izzz Also So Curious.. Ohhhh She Izzz Oh So Curious

    * * * * * What Itzzz Like To Pl * * * * *

    w /Another Pretty Lil KI _TY ! ! ! ! ! * * * * *

    But Best Of All .....

    My Lil KI__Y and

    My Best Friend Izzzzz

    Do You Know What She Izzz.. ?


    Whatzzz BEST About Her Izzzz

    She is Sooo T eye' T

    She Is Ohhh So, SOOOOO...



    FREAKEN T' IGH'T... ...

    BTW ~ EVERY Word Written Above Izzz TRUE

    Because I am mature and in my S x You'l Prime I am Also VERY into the experience.... Very much into it...As much as you or MORE so it is NON ~ RUSHED ~

    AUTHENTIC ~ G erl F friend Experience.

    . ~ Because You Took The Time To Read My Long Azss Post, . . .


    Plz Call or Text (604)********


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    Quote Originally Posted by rekun View Post
    I think the way an ad is written speaks volumes about an SP's personality, service and attention to detail.

    A well written ad that conveys intelligence and control is such a huge turn on. In many ways, even more than photos.
    That assumes that she wrote it. Not all of them do their own ads. Ask me how I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanessainVictoria View Post
    I'm not an English major, but I always try to make sure my ad is well written and informative.

    Does a poorly written headline, description, text or email influence your decision to see, or not see, a SP?

    This includes poor grammar, misspellings, too many emojis or special characters (e.g. ��������, ����������, NDPART, ş)

    LOL - anyone remotely TRYING in this arena will out-shine 40-60% of all provider ads out there.

    NEVER copy the exact text of your last ad.

    MIX the photos up... (don't settle for any that are blurry, or which are not right-side-up)... casual selfies are good, because they 'update' your validity as a provider. (of COURSE you don't want your management visible via a reflection in the mirror behind your posted selfie) (NO paraphernalia on the sink, NO turds in the toilet bowl, and ideally no major background clutter either)

    You don't have to serve up perfect English, but pay attention to your spelling and don't leave any obvious spelling errors there (it's OK if you don't know how to spell Coquitlam - and OK if I don't either...)

    Remember... that back in high school, MAYbe only one girl would pay attention to us...

    Here... we suddenly need various means through which to winnow-down the possibilities, and psychologically we really need that - the alternative is not knowing where to begin (and possibly not beginning )

    Just don't make yourself an easy discard via your inattentiveness to your ads.

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    So the majority of respondents are claiming that they are booking SP's on the basis of their spelling skills? As I see it, some of the typos are made on purpose to avoid censorship. Some are written by individuals who are just learning english and might not have mastered our language. Others may be trying to appear playful or bimbo like on purpose.

    From my perspective, if I were looking for a dinner date with a high class lady, followed by some great love making and intimacy I would be looking for someone with language skills and higher intelligence.
    Absolutely, I love intelligent woman!

    Now on the other hand, if I were looking for a pornstar experience with a sexpot who has a bimbo like appearance or is a Barbie doll, I am not going to check her spelling or would really care if she could carry an intelligent conversation.
    Be honest and admit that in most situations you aren't checking the ads to get a sense of whether the girl went to College or Collage.

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    I don't care about spelling but an ad without photos is an ad I won't even bother trying to read. Skip it and go to the next.

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