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Thread: Multiple Escort Review.

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    Multiple Escort Review.

    Hi Ive been looking at this site for a long, long time thanks everybody for sharing your experiences, here's a few of my own.

    Jordan 2824. I visited Jordan twice, incall was clean she is very friendly and makes you feel welcome' shes tight and good at dirty talk, I found it weird that I wasn't allowed to touch my dick with my hands once the condom was on, I'd say shes a good provider and I wouldn't have anything negative in particular to say about her but the no touching my own dick thing created a situation where I could no longer return.

    Apple European Doll 0643. Ive read mixed reviews about Apple here's mine, making the appointment through text was a bit of a hassle as we had agreed on a time but had it delayed by her for a short period, once I had arrived the parking was terrible, inside her home was very messy and set off alarm bells but then who hasn't let their own home get messy now and again? She in hot, tight and very accommodating to your needs in bed seeing her legs spread high in the air is something not to be missed, physically she is more then worth repeating over and over again for but for me the shit parking was too much to have me try and repeat though I might live to eat those words shes just so hot.

    Daneka 4631. I have been admiring her pics, posts and vids forever. Turns out I may have taken too long in seeing her, I visited her for incall at a hotel, shes got a hot little body and her pussy is very tight though the time shes spent in her chosen lifestyle has left the lines of time on her face far earlier then they should have, I still found her attractive but she is no longer in her prime, She is another provider that insisted there be no self touching once the condom was on, Ive been too infatuated with her for too long to let that get in the way of dipping into that tightness again. Sadly my second attempt at visiting was a complete let down, I made a confirmed appointment with her for her incall once I arrived I was told to wait outside till she was ready which is what she should have been doing once the appointment was confirmed I sat there for 10 minutes notified her I was leaving she replied without much of a care and I left, no repeat.

    Charlie 2991. I visited Charlie in her hotel incall, its hard to describe how beautiful she is, she makes you feel special just with her smile and once she touches you everything melts away but you and her. Wet, tight, willing and wanting to please I recommend repeating over and over.

    Opal 6430. I saw Opel at her hotel incall in Vernon, having to drive to Vernon sucks any day but for Opel its gonna be worth it, Shes describes herself as "squishy" I'd describe her more as a total package, sexy, tight, friendly personality, open and wanting to please you in pretty much any way you can think up, I recommend repeating.

    Any questions just ask, Thanks.

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    Great information, thanks for posting.

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    I've had a few of those no touching dick SPs. But then I've also had others, who didn't trust themselves to do the condom.

    Daneka has been around for a long time. She had a ton of reviews (good) in BCAF.

    Thanks for the reviews.

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    Welcome to the board easypeazy and thanks for the condensed reviews, particularly on a couple of providers that have not had many reviews. I am with you on your no return policy for the no dick touch thing. Cheers.

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    Daneka is hit or miss. She's always fun, but there are times where communication is BRUTAL. But she is also a bargain compared to most other SPs. I've had the same thing as you. Appointment set up and then no response for 40 minutes.

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    Great review. Thanks for the insight

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    Thanks everybody for reading my reviews and the positive reception.

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    Thanks for the reviews

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    Did Opal give bbbj?

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    Had an appointment to see Jordan yesterday. She texted her address information, but did not respond when I was parked. She new I had driven a long way to see her. My texts were respectful to her. Lesson learned ... try establish an actual phone conversation with Jordan.

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