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    penthouse girl

    Does anyone know which blonde girl at Penhouse drives the Jag. I was driving in and saw her driving out. She was really hot. I thought it was Crystal but not sure. She seemed quite volutpuous.

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    I've heard that Pamela was the one with the jag as well. Seen her myself and she's hard to miss.

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    OK its all coming to gether now... she owns the place right. She must have been just droppping off supplies as I saw her carrying shopping bags. Man she looks great.

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    One would think that her Jag would have been seized by the bank because of the Lysyk debacle.

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    The jag you are talking about would it be a olive green in color?You are all right ,the driver of the jag is Pamela so that is who you saw.One thing is that she owns the vehicle and the bank never seized it because of the Lysyk scandle.

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