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    The Real McCoy

    Hello Gentlemen. Pleasure to met you all. I'm known as Brandi-Lee around here, not to be mistaken for any other member aka Brandee. There is more than 1 of us.

    I am really 20 years old and just to set one thing straight, no one here has ever met me. No website yet either but I'm working on it so check back soon. For those requesting my email:

    [email protected]

    Thanks, Brandi-Lee

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    As the Rock says "Brandi Lee has come to P-E-R-B!" It's nice you finally were allowed back in, Brandi Lee!

    Oh, Brandi-Lee, I e-mailed you. Hope to hear from you soon...I shouldn't be writing this right now...I'm hammered.

    You know...Winnipeg is a cheap place to get drunk!
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    Don't worry NYSmartman...I assure you she'll write you back unless you might have written something that might have offended her?! If not, you have nothing to worry...I don't know if she has a computer, but she might not be like some of us on here...with a computer stuck to our bodies like it seems we do! (Yeah, my excuse is that I work in front of a computer all day!)

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    There are other guys on here that deserve more praise - among them 2cums, the Hamster, kahuna_01, grannyknowsbest, too many to mention...they have more witticisms & very intelligent responses than I'll ever have & that's what makes me like being here.

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