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Thread: Yulissa 8512

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    Yulissa 8512

    Yulissa 8512 - ass looks insane, anyone seen her and can comment on services?

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    that name has been used by an SP in the area before. not sure if it's the same girl though. with pics like that you'd expect her ad to be verified. if it doesn't get verified by LL she could have stolen the pics?

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    I tried booking with her and this was the exchange...

    Me: Hi, what are your rates?

    Her: Hi babe

    Me: Hello, do you offer half hour rates?

    Her: $175 hh

    Me: Are you located downtown?

    Her: Yes hun, Y?

    Me: I'm interested in seeing you if you're available tonight.

    Her: Yes I am baby

    Me: Does 8pm work for you?

    Her: .....

    She just went dark.

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