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Thread: Calgary AMP or other....

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    Calgary AMP or other....

    I know this is the Victoria board, however after perusing the Calgary forum I've noticed many have asked, but no repsones to the question. So, anyone know a good and reputable place or provider in Cow town to get a sensual.massage with some extras? PM would be fine. Heading to Calgary for work and may want to have a little relaxing session. Thanks so much in advance.

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    I think there is another fourm better for the calgary area

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    Go to Cafreview

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    Ladybugs as For spicy
    Their many

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    And be ready to spend A LOT more for even just a basic massage with $50 for 30 mins plus $120 for HJ. Ridiculous. Can sometimes negotiate down to $80ish, but still crazy market. We are spoiled by the prices and options here in Vic and Vancouver.

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